APA Think Tank December 2015

A few times a year the leaders of Parkour communities across Australia come together to discuss and plan the future of the Australian Parkour Association (APA). This time Isaac and I travelled to Melbourne to meet up with the other community leaders. I was really excited to go over as it was my first Think Tank.

We all stayed at the Trace Facility for the weekend. I arrived at 1am on Saturday morning, luckily Isaac was still up to let me in. I quickly found some tough crash mats to sleep on and went to sleep so I would be fresh for tomorrow. I could see a couple of others I knew who had found some unique sleeping positions on the mats, in a hammock setup on the scaffolding and on couches.

Saturday morning had a focussed atmosphere. I got up and greeted everyone, most people I had seen a couple of months earlier at the NatGat in Perth. The greetings were short as everyone was getting ready for the day. I grabbed a coffee at The Generator down the road and we all shuffled into the meeting room where the whiteboard was setup.

We covered a range of topics in the morning. An important part was to map out where we are, what our current priorities and purpose is and then check that all our current tasks meet these objectives. Eliot did a great job coordinating these discussions and madly whiteboarding everything. We came to the conclusion that our current main objectives center around:

  • Creating instructors
  • Supporting community leaders and
  • Providing a central knowledge base for parkour in Australia

We went into significant detail on all the tasks involved in each of these areas and projects we are working on to provide the outcomes we’re looking for.

The rest of the weekend was spent going into detail on a range of topics and a lot of discussion around improvements to the qualifications. On Sunday we went right into the night, finishing the Think Tank at around midnight on the Sunday.

There was so much that happened during the weekend it will take me a couple of blog posts to get through it all, so stay tuned!

It was a great experience and we certainly got a whole lot of work done. Looking forward to seeing some of the ideas put into action!

Written December 2015 by Matt James