About the Perth Parkour community.

The goal of the Perth Parkour Community is to teach people the basics of Parkour, and to promote a positive understanding and awareness of Parkour. We help teach people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels how to train Parkour from the ground up.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a physical discipline in which one trains to become efficient in their movement in order to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). This can involve running, jumping, climbing, balancing, and other techniques. A practitioner of parkour is known as a traceur (or traceuse).

Often confused with Freerunning, Parkour is more about efficiency; movement that can assist you in a “reach or escape” emergency situation. Freerunning, while involving a lot of similar movement to Parkour, is more focused on aesthetics and expression than efficiency.

For an enlightening presentation on Parkour, see Charles on Parkour training to the right.

Training and progression

Parkour is a noncompetitive discipline, and individuals will progress at different speeds. In classes, advanced techniques are always shown as the end of a progression of easier movements; this allows beginners to start small, then to try out new progressions as they gain experience. It is important to make sure you are capable of things before you try them, e.g. doing a jump on the ground many times before attempting it anywhere above ground level.

Parkour also involves a lot of strength and conditioning training to help prepare one’s body to handle things you may encounter, and to prevent any serious injuries.

“Be strong to be useful” and “to be and to last” are two common tenets found in Parkour. Our bodies are important and we must look after them for all our life; as such we train safely so that we may keep doing so as we get older. We also want to spread the knowledge of how to train safely by oneself.

How you can get involved

You don’t need to be young and fit to start Parkour. There’s no better time to start training than now!

Check out our events, and come along to one of the many classes or workshops and begin your journey in a safe and positive environment.

And if you’re looking for extra training take a look at the casual training link in the services section.